Follow-up packages Holistic Balance

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Working on your mental and physical health, emotional state, lifestyle, overall well-being or achieving specific health goals is a sustainable process. For this reason, Holistic Balance offers treatments in the form of packages, guaranteeing the continuity and effectiveness of the treatments.

Both basic packages and follow-up packages combine various holistic therapies to achieve the best results. The follow-up packages complement the basic packages seamlessly and offer a valuable and in-depth addition to the treatment programme. The aim is to optimally support and guide you on your journey to homeostasis, or balance.

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Follow-up packages Holistic Balance

Continue your journey at Health Practice Holistic Balance and choose from the wide range of follow-up packages*. The carefully selected ranges of holistic therapies seamlessly complement the basic packages and offer an indispensable addition and deepening of your treatment path. Go for sustainability and continuity and zoom in on your health issues.

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Follow-up package Holistic Balance Go

Follow-up package Holistic Balance Go is a low-threshold package that optimally complements the basic package Holistic Balance Go. On the one hand, it supplements the treatment programme with acupuncture and auriculotherapy, while on the other hand it offers a deepening of the advanced blood test with orthomolecular therapy. Based on the results of the examination, you are introduced to a basic package of high-quality, organic supplements that match your current health status. Complete your treatment programme and opt for follow-up package Holistic Balance Go.

Follow-up package Holistic Balance Move

With follow-up package Holistic Balance Move, you actively get moving and take that extra step on your path to well-being, health and inner peace. This package fits perfectly with the basic package Holistic Balance Move, but can also be combined with one of the other basic packages. Besides the complementary auriculotherapy and acupuncture sessions, we delve further into orthomolecular therapy. Using various orthomolecular lab tests, we extensively examine and map out which parts of the body are in imbalance. Based on the results, we can start working on appropriate advice in the areas of: nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and stress management, as well as personal, emotional, relational and spiritual guidance. Are you committed to embracing all the parts in you and lifting them as a whole to a higher level of well-being? Then choose follow-up package Holistic Balance Move and get moving!

Follow-up package Holistic Balance Pro

The follow-up package Holistic Balance Pro is an extended variant of the follow-up package Holistic Balance Move with an emphasis on continuity of care. This package fits perfectly with the basic Holistic Balance Pro package and offers a sustainable follow-up to the treatment started. Structurally, you follow a series of acupuncture and auriculotherapy sessions to repeatedly support the body in finding and maintaining a new state of homeostasis, or balance. In addition, various lab tests are taken that provide precise insight into the location and nature of disharmonies in the body. These data provide the basis for personalised advice on lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, trauma and stress management. Are you determined to work on your health goals in a sustainable way and achieve visible, tangible and measurable results? Then choose follow-up package Holistic Balance Pro and take up the challenge with me.

Follow-up package Holistic Balance Go Pro

Follow-up package Holistic Balance Go Pro is a comprehensive programme in which the treatments are extensively supplemented with support and personal guidance. In combination with the Holistic Balance Go Pro basic package, you take a far-reaching journey in which it is at least as important to carefully include the mental aspect in the healing process. The programme consists of multiple acupuncture and auriculotherapy treatments, a follow-up orthomolecular blood test, various orthomolecular lab tests and a follow-up herbal consultation with aftercare. Based on the results and test results, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations are shared with you, as well as tools for managing stress and dealing with emotional, relational and spiritual issues. Do you want to take a trip around the world and discover the best version of yourself? Then choose the follow-up package Holistic Balance Go Pro and open yourself up to get to know all the parts that make up you as a unique individual.

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