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Discover the benefits of a holistic view of health and well-being and experience the healing powers of various complementary therapies at Health Practice Holistic Balance. Depending on the basic package, you will be introduced to various holistic forms of therapy within complementary care such as: acupuncture, auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture), orthomolecular therapy, cupping and phytotherapy (herbal therapy).

Are you at a point where you want to take concrete steps to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health? Achieve your health goals or get the best out of yourself? Join me in the challenge and reboot your health at Holistic Balance in Antalya.

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Holistic Balance Basic Packages.

Immerse yourself in relaxation and be surprised by the healing powers of the holistic therapies at Health Practice Holistic Balance. Opt for a holistic and constructive approach to work structurally and sustainably on your health. The basic packages are carefully composed and subdivided into a series of combined forms of therapy. Choose one of the basic packages* of Holistic Balance and start your journey towards a new or better version of yourself.

*VAT included in the package price if applicable

Basic package Holistic Balance Go

Basic package Holistic Balance Go introduces you to various holistic forms of therapy within complementary care such as: acupuncture, auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture) and orthomolecular therapy in the form of a modern blood test. It is a perfect starter package if you are not yet familiar with a holistic approach to health and well-being. Experience the healing interplay between different treatment methods and open yourself up to a unique and beautiful journey.

Holistic Balance Move basic package

The Holistic Balance Move basic package is an extended variant of the Holistic Balance Go basic package. With this package, you experience the benefits of multiple acupuncture and auriculotherapy treatments and an orthomolecular blood test. In addition, you are introduced to highly effective, high-quality and also organic orthomolecular supplements that support the immune system and overall homeostasis. With the basic Holistic Balance Move package, you lay a sustainable foundation for personal growth.

Basic package Holistic Balance Pro

With the Holistic Balance Pro package, you take on the challenge like a Pro. Your mental, physical and spiritual well-being come first and you are committed to taking frequent steps towards your intended health goals. This comprehensive package includes frequent acupuncture and auriculotherapy treatments, a comprehensive orthomolecular blood test, premium organic orthomolecular supplements and a cupping session. Are you ready to work on your health in a responsible and natural way? Then opt for basic package Holistic Balance Pro.

Basic package Holistic Balance Go Pro

Basic package Holistic Balance Go Pro is a comprehensive programme in which you not only get acquainted with, but also find depth in the various holistic therapies. With several sessions of acupuncture and auriculotherapy plus orthomolecular therapy, cupping and a herbal consultation, you will take full advantage of the synergy between the forms of therapy and go in-depth. Besides the treatments themselves, you will also receive a basic package of high-quality, organic orthomolecular supplements and a tailor-made herbal formula. Basic package Holistic Balance Go Pro is an effective and sustainable programme to structurally boost your well-being, vitality and health.

Holistic Balance vision

Holistic Balance focuses on the person as a whole. A whole that consists of parts that are interdependent. Think of physical, mental and soul aspects. If one of these parts is out of balance or affected by imbalances in life, it also affects all other parts. Complaints and symptoms are a manifestation of this and alert us to an underlying imbalance between the parts, various body functions and organ systems.

This holistic approach underpins the treatments at health practice Holistic Balance, where the starting point is to investigate and treat the cause of the complaints rather than just treating the symptoms. The focus is on addressing the body’s self-healing and self-regulating capacity. To bring the body back into harmony and balance, various forms of therapy are used and combined with relational, emotional and spiritual counselling.

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